Tips for Choosing the Best Zero Markup Debit Card for Travel

Tips for Choosing the Best Zero Markup Debit Card for Travel

27 February 2024 | By INDIE

You can now leave the worrisome thoughts of hidden costs and exchange rates by using a Zero Forex Markup Debit Card and enjoy global spending.

Foreign travel and shopping are a common thing today. Be it a trip to Europe or shopping at the Dubai festival, transactions have become easier. However, the hidden charges and exchange rates attracted by your cards while making payments for such seemingly simple trips significantly increase the cost. A simple solution to this is a Zero Forex Markup Debit Card.


What is a Forex Markup fee?

Forex Markup fee is the amount which banks and credit card companies charge whenever you transact in foreign currencies. Though it may seem a small percentage, this amount can very soon add up resulting in a hefty dent in your pocket. As the name explains, a Zero Forex Markup Debit Card is a debit card with no foreign transaction fee which helps you to seamlessly carry out all your transactions in foreign currency. The issuer converts the transaction amount into the local currency without any fees.


How to choose the Best Zero Forex Markup Debit Card 

You need to consider various factors before choosing a Zero Forex Markup Debit Card such as additional benefits, interest rates, and annual fees. A great choice for a Zero Forex Markup Debit card is the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card. Look for some of the below-mentioned features in the card to narrow down your choices:

Annual Fee

Always compare the Annual Fee of various cards available and assess the benefits and costs. Select a card where the benefits exceed the costs. 


Interest Rate

Check and compare the interest rates each card carries. Choose a debit card which has the lowest interest rate to minimise your costs.


Worldwide Acceptance

The card you choose should have widespread acceptance, especially in countries you plan to visit. This will provide you with various options and help with ideal transactions.


Additional Perks and Rewards

Choose a card which enables you to enjoy additional benefits and reward programs on travel, lifestyle and entertainment along with airport lounge access.



Always check the eligibility criteria for the card you are interested in. This will help expedite the process without any hassles.


Fraud Protection

While choosing a debit card for international transactions, look for one which provides fraud protection as there are higher chances of fraudulent transactions.


Customer Service

Look for a card which provides 24x7 customer service support. This brings in a lot of confidence to carry out unworried payments, anytime, anywhere!


The crux of it all is that you should have a travel card which helps you carry out your travel and shopping plans abroad without any hesitancy and worries. These cards are valuable if you are frequently doing foreign transactions. They provide convenience and peace of mind along with huge savings and many extra benefits. Be sure to check and choose a card which best suits your requirements and enables you to spend without extra charges. 


Why choose the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card?

The INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card comes with an array of benefits where you will get the maximum benefits with minimum hassle. It makes up for a great travel partner giving you the comfort to enjoy your tour to the maximum extent while it keeps your finances sorted. Take a look at the benefits it offers:

In summary, INDIE's VISA Signature Debit Card account provides you with the flexibility to travel as you please, ensuring each trip is unforgettable and every location is easily accessible. Delight in the liberty to discover, relish, and spoil yourself, as the debit card from INDIE ushers in a revolutionary period of smooth and affordable voyages.

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