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Finding Your Bank Account Number with Ease

25 April 2024 | By INDIE

In today’s fast-paced day and age, we all understand the importance of quick access to information. As our daily lives revolve around banking and its subsidiaries, our dependence on our data, our bank account number to be precise, is subsequently high. INDIE offers multiple convenient ways to check your bank account number online, right at your fingertips.

Before locating your bank account number, you should also understand its structure and importance. Think of your account number as your personalised code, a secret key that unlocks your account at the bank. It's unique to you, just like your fingerprint, and no two accounts will ever share the same number. Banks use special codes at the beginning of these numbers to keep things organised. While public sector banks in India typically employ an 11-digit account number format, we, at IndusInd Bank, adhere to either a 12-digit or a 14-digit format, depending on the account type. This approach safeguards your account information and streamlines the banking experience for you.


Let’s look at these steps to check INDIE Bank account number online:

1. INDIE Mobile App:

The most convenient and fastest way to check your bank account number online is via the INDIE app. It is  a hyper-personalised financial super-app that offers a superlative digital experience. You can quickly find out your account number by following these steps:

● Download and install the official INDIE app if you haven't already.

● Log in using your credentials.

● Under "Account Details" or "My Accounts," you'll find your account number clearly displayed.

2. E-Statements:

● If you've opted for e-statements, simply check your registered email inbox.

● Your monthly or quarterly bank statements will have your account number clearly listed at the top.

3. Customer Service Portal:

● For additional convenience, some customers may have access to our dedicated Customer Service Portal.

● After logging in, look for the section where you can view your account information. Your INDIE account number should be available there.


How To Check Your Bank Account Number Offline:

Though you should be able to check your account number easily via online banking on INDIE, you can also look at a few offline ways to check the account number of different savings account.

● Passbook: The front page of your passbook is where you can check bank account details like account number, name, and other essential details.

● Chequebook: Each cheque you have contains your account number printed alongside the routing number.

● Welcome Kit: When you open your online bank account, you would have received a welcome kit. Your account details, including your account number, are often provided in this kit.

Now that you know how to check your bank account number online, let’s also take a look at when and why you might need your bank account number.


Your bank account number is crucial for:

● Receiving funds: Share your account number securely when someone wants to send you money for rent, utilities and other purposes.

● Simplifying online payments: Set up automatic payments for bills and subscriptions by providing your account number to online services.

● Transferring funds: Whether consolidating your own accounts or helping others, sharing your account number (and obtaining the recipient's) is essential for initiating transfers.

● Tax returns: In certain tax situations, your bank account number might be required for direct deposits of refunds or electronic tax payments.

Remember, treat your bank account number like any other sensitive information and never share it unless you fully trust the recipient. Be cautious of unsolicited requests, as they could be phishing scams.

Your data should be your number one priority. Keeping your online bank account details safe is important to enhance and smoothen your banking experience. It is also the first step towards keeping your money safe.

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At INDIE, we're committed to providing you with convenient and secure ways to manage your finances. Should you have any further questions, our customer service team is always happy to assist you.


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