Create your own rewards program with INDIE YOUniverse!

In the fast-paced world of loyalty programs, INDIE YOUniverse stands out as a ground-breaking and transparent program that rewards users for transacting on the brands they choose. Created by INDIE by IndusInd, this innovative loyalty program redefines the way people earn rewards and opens up a new realm of possibilities for avid shoppers. In this blog, we'll explore what INDIE YOUniverse is and how it empowers users to earn rewards on their own terms.

What is INDIE YOUniverse?

At its core, INDIE YOUniverse is a loyalty program designed to celebrate and reward customers for their allegiance to top brands. Unlike traditional loyalty programs that tie users to one brand or a limited range of rewards, INDIE YOUniverse offers an unprecedented level of freedom and choice.

The process is simple yet revolutionary. Upon joining INDIE YOUniverse, members are presented with a list of over 15 leading brands to select from, including high-end names like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Jiomart, Ajio, Nykaa, Swiggy, Zomato, and more. Users then choose their top three preferred brands from the list and start earning up to 3% INDIE Gems.


The 3 tiers of INDIE YOUniverse:

With INDIE, users can choose the plan that fits them and earn accelerated rewards as they move up the ladder. It offers 3 tiers – Star, Super Star, and Mega Star – each with its own set of benefits. While all tiers offer a default zero-balance savings account, you can upgrade to higher tiers for additional perks: 

1. INDIE Star Account:

  - 1% Gems on the brands of your choice

  - Free instant VISA Platinum virtual debit card

  - 2% Forex markup on overseas spends


2. Super Star Tier: Upgrade either by doing an initial funding of ₹25,000 or more OR by collecting 750 Gems on INDIE. Here are the Super Star benefits:

  - 2% Gems on the brands of your choice

  - Free instant VISA Platinum virtual debit card

  - 2% Forex markup on overseas spends


3. Mega Star Tier: Upgrade either by doing an initial funding of ₹50,000 or more OR by collecting 1500 Gems on INDIE. Here are the Mega Star benefits: 

  - Free VISA Signature physical debit card

  - 3% Gems on the brands of your choice

  - Zero Forex markup on overseas spends

  - 1 Complimentary domestic airport lounge access every month

Accelerated Rewards in the form of INDIE Gems:

The true magic of INDIE YOUniverse lies in the rewards it bestows upon its users. Instead of conventional points systems with complex conversions, INDIE YOUniverse keeps things straightforward with a single unit of value called INDIE Gems. One INDIE Gem is equivalent to ₹1, providing users with complete clarity and a tangible sense of the rewards they accumulate.

Moreover, INDIE YOUniverse offers accelerated rewards on the user's chosen top three brands. This means that by being loyal to these brands, members can amass INDIE Gems at a much faster rate, amplifying the value of their loyalty.

Transparency at its Best:

INDIE YOUniverse sets a new standard for transparency in loyalty programs. Gone are the days of hidden clauses and confusing redemption processes. With INDIE YOUniverse, users know precisely what they are earning and can track their INDIE Gem balance with ease. The INDIE Gems can be directly redeemed for cashback.

Flexible Redemption Options:

Another distinct advantage of INDIE YOUniverse is the flexibility it offers in terms of rewards redemption. Earned INDIE Gems can be redeemed in two convenient ways:

1. Cashback: Members have the option to directly convert their accumulated INDIE Gems into cashback, adding an extra layer of utility to their rewards. 1 INDIE Gem = ₹1.

2. Brand Vouchers: Alternatively, users can choose to exchange their INDIE Gems for brand vouchers, which can be used for future purchases with their selected brands. This opens up a whole world of possibilities and ensures that rewards cater to the individual's preferences.

Refresh Your Brands:

As preferences evolve, INDIE YOUniverse adapts to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Every 30 days, users have the opportunity to refresh their loyalty program and select a new set of top three brands. This enables members to explore different brands, respond to changing preferences, and optimize their reward-earning potential continually.

INDIE YOUniverse is a game-changer in the loyalty program landscape, offering unprecedented freedom, transparency, and choice to its members. By empowering users to earn accelerated rewards on their favourite brands and providing flexible redemption options, INDIE YOUniverse ensures that loyalty is genuinely rewarding. So, whether you're a frequent shopper, a ride-sharing enthusiast, or a foodie, INDIE YOUniverse welcomes you to a universe of rewards tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle. Join today and experience the joy of earning rewards on your terms.



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