How to easily open a savings account online with INDIE

How to easily open a savings account online with INDIE

28 December 2023

It's your payday and you have just received your salary. With a single tap on your phone, you pay your bills, shop for groceries, book a restaurant for the weekend, and even invest in a mutual fund. All these actions take place in moments through the power of a savings account. But the benefits don't stop there. You can also earn attractive interest on your balance, convert surplus funds into fixed deposits, get rewards, and even set up auto debit for payments, all the while enjoying 24/7 liquidity.

But visiting a bank to open an account isn't everyone's first choice. And rightly so. Why would you go to a bank branch when you can achieve the same goal from your home? INDIE by IndusInd Bank brings this convenience to your fingertips. This digital banking app offers the simplicity and efficiency you need in your life. Let's find out how INDIE helps you open a savings account quickly with no hassle and transforms how you handle your finances with its valuable features.

Steps to open a savings account online with INDIE instantly

To open an online savings account with INDIE, the first step is to download the INDIE app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After that, you need to:

So, this is how the INDIE digital banking app helps you open a savings account online quickly from anywhere.

Multiple benefits of the INDIE digital banking app

INDIE offers a list of exclusive benefits to enhance your banking experience. These include:

Besides offering a 100% paperless and instant way to open a savings account online, INDIE provides a lot more benefits to simplify and personalise your banking experience.

The INDIE revolution in banking | Key takeaways

Now that you know how to open a savings account online with INDIE, you are ready to make the most of its benefits. A savings account plays an important role in managing your finances. It offers a safe place to make deposits, earn interest, build emergency funds, cover daily expenses, save for future plans, and more. INDIE by IndusInd Bank helps you streamline this prudent aspect of your life with its user-friendly digital platform and valuable features. So, enjoy the simplicity and security it brings to your finances and handle your savings even more efficiently.

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