What is Cash Credit - Know How It Works & Features

What is Cash Credit - Know How It Works & Features

28 May 2024 | By INDIE

Securing adequate capital is a perpetual priority for business owners. Whether it's to fuel expansion plans, cover operational expenses, or seize growth opportunities, having access to timely funding can make all the difference. In the current world scenario, agility and adaptability are paramount. This is probably why you, as a business owner, are also looking for flexible financing solutions that can accommodate your evolving needs.

Think of a financial safety net that is readily available whenever you need it, without the hassle of applying for a new loan every time you require funds. That's essentially what cash credit offers. It allows you to withdraw funds up to a specific limit, repay them at your convenience, and then redraw again as needed.

In this blog post, we'll cover the intricacies of cash credit, exploring how it works and its key features.


What is Cash Credit?

Cash credit, meaning a cash advance or a credit line loan, is a financial arrangement that provides borrowers access to a predetermined sum of money up to a specified limit. Unlike traditional term loans, where the borrower receives a lump sum upfront and repays it in fixed instalments, cash credit offers greater fund utilisation and repayment flexibility.

At its core, cash credit operates like a revolving line of credit, allowing you to withdraw funds as needed up to the approved limit. This means you can access funds whenever you need them without the need for repeated loan applications.

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Common Features of a Cash Credit Loan

1. Short-Term Nature:

Typically, cash credit loans have a short repayment period of up to 12 months.

2. Interest Charged on Withdrawn Amount:

Interest is levied solely on the amount withdrawn, not the entire sanctioned limit.

3. Revolving Facility:

You can withdraw funds multiple times within the sanctioned limit, making it a flexible financing option.

4. Collateral Requirement:

Cash credit loans are usually secured by collateral or security you provide.

5. Credit Score Impact:

Higher credit scores and a good repayment history can lead to a higher sanctioned limit for cash credit.

6. Consideration of Business Turnover:

Banks and financial institutions evaluate the business turnover and volume to determine the sanctioned limit.

7. Flexible Repayment Options:

You can repay the borrowed amount monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly, based on your preference and cash flow.

8. Availability for Individuals:

You can also avail cash credit against their Fixed Deposits.

9. Tax Deductibility of Interest:

The interest paid on cash credit is tax-deductible, providing potential tax benefits alongside.


Benefits of Using Cash Credit Loans for Your Business

Cash credit accounts can offer numerous advantages for your businesses, providing the financial flexibility to navigate various operational challenges and opportunities. Here are a few ways to utilise cash credit for your business:

● With cash credit, you have the liquidity to purchase raw materials in a timely manner, ensuring uninterrupted production and service delivery.

● Cash credit enables you to maintain sufficient inventory levels, ensuring that you can meet the needs of your clientele without delay.

● Essential business expenses, such as employee salaries and rent payments, must be consistently met to sustain operations. You can use this credit line to cover these overhead costs, providing the necessary funds to keep your business running smoothly.

● By availing cash credit, you can invest in marketing campaigns, sales teams, and promotional activities to expand your customer base and boost sales revenue.


Should You Apply for Cash Credit?

Deciding whether to apply for cash credit or a credit line loan requires careful consideration of your business's financial needs, objectives, and circumstances. Here are some factors to weigh when determining if cash credit is the right financing option for you:

● Assess your current financial situation and identify any immediate funding requirements.

● Consider the trade-off between the flexibility offered by cash credit and the associated costs, such as interest charges and collateral requirements.

Evaluate the stability of your business and its cash flow patterns. Cash credit is well-suited for businesses with fluctuating cash flows or seasonal revenue fluctuations.




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