Explore the World Freely with ZERO Forex Markup: Unlocking INDIE'S Megastar Account

Explore the World Freely with ZERO Forex Markup: Unlocking INDIE'S Megastar Account

14 December 2023

In today's rapidly moving world, an avid traveller seeks convenience and financial freedom. But oftentimes, we are bogged down by the hidden costs of travelling abroad like the Forex Markup. But there’s a trick with which you can bring your Forex Markup to zero.

INDIE, the revolutionary banking app from IndusInd Bank, introduces the Megastar tier - a passport to hassle-free travel with zero forex markup. Let's help you understand what Forex Markup is and how it affects your travel plans abroad.

What is Forex Markup?

Forex markup is an additional fee applied by banks when you make transactions in a currency different from your card's default currency. In other words, it is a fee charged when you convert the denominations. This extra charge is often presented as a percentage above the standard exchange rate, contributing to the overall cost of your transactions when you are spending overseas.

When is the Forex Markup applicable?

Forex Markup fees are usually charged in the following situations:


What is the usual Forex Markup charged on transactions?

Traditional banking practices involve various charges related to forex transactions. These can include conversion fees, service charges, and, significantly, forex markup. Various financial institutions, including banks in the market might impose varying forex markup rates, sometimes reaching as high as 3.5% or more on each transaction.

How does a debit card with ZERO Forex Markup help?

Debit cards with no foreign exchange fees are a great option for traveling abroad. These cards make your international travel more convenient and lighter on your wallet.


How does Megastar account on INDIE solve the problem?

When you upgrade to Megastar on INDIE, you get the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card for free. This debit card distinguishes itself by eliminating forex markup entirely. Unlike others that burden users with substantial additional fees, INDIE offers ZERO Forex Markup for a transparent and cost-effective solution. By offering transactions at the exact exchange rate, INDIE ensures that users pay only the true value of their purchases, without hidden charges.

How to get the benefits of Zero Markup on INDIE?

  1. Choose INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card: Apply for the INDIE VISA Signature Debit Card through the INDIE app by promoting yourself to a Megastar account to access zero forex markup benefits.
  2. Global Acceptance: INDIE's VISA Signature Debit Card is widely accepted across the world, in 150+ countries. It provides you with the flexibility to use it at popular locations worldwide even if you're exploring a bustling market or dining at a local restaurant.
  3. Real-time Monitoring: Stay in control by using the INDIE app to monitor transactions in real-time. Receive instant notifications for every purchase, allowing you to track expenses and manage your budget effectively.

By upgrading to Megastar on INDIE, you not only avoid the pitfalls of high forex markup rates imposed by competitors but also gain a financial ally committed to making your international transactions seamless and economical.


The INDIE'S Megastar account is not just a debit card; it's a key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Say goodbye to hidden charges and hello to a truly borderless adventure. Whether you're an occasional traveler or a seasoned explorer, INDIE's Megastar account with zero forex markup and unparalleled convenience makes it the perfect travel companion.

In conclusion, the Megastar account from INDIE empowers you to travel at your convenience, making every journey memorable and every destination within reach. Embrace the freedom to explore, experience, and indulge, as INDIE'S Megastar account paves the way for a new era of seamless and cost-effective travel.

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